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Mica shot by Brandon


How much of ourselves do we hide from the world? Unintentionally, probably a lot. We aren’t going to share our habits, sexual fantasies, insecurities, secrets, dark thoughts with just anyone. They are ours to be privately guarded, and we feel we are the keepers of them. Everyone walking around us is normal while we are the only ones with demons. Maybe we do find a soulmate of sorts, someone we feel comfortable sharing these intimate details with. They see us suddenly illuminated like a full moon, thinking they know it all, thinking we have shared it all, but there’s always the dark side of the moon, the part impossible to be seen. For how can someone sit in your skin and see life through your eyes? Spend time in your childhood or feel the pain you have felt. You have license to all of that. After all of this, we are always going to be alone. In our minds. No one will hear your every thought. No one will see your perspective in every situation. I would say you are unknown to even yourself. 

Set the most openminded, understanding person before you to be interviewed and there is still a barrier of judgment, still only understanding and interpreting through shared view points. Even when it feels like it lines up perfectly, you see life through a different set of eyes, don’t you? Its a near connection or a near miss. Blind acceptance perhaps the truest love there is. Maybe they say love is blind because you have to take away your perespective to truly fall into that feeling. 

In this issue, the Jawbreaker issue, we asked the subjects to interview themselves. A practice that resulted in audio clips filled with awkward laughter and serious revealing moments, ranging from 2 minutes 50 seconds to forty minutes long. 


New York City shot by Brandon

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Tristan shot by Jheyda

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Ell shot by Brandon

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Coney Island clips shot by Emma


Coney Island clips by Emma


Ming shot by Sham


Manchado shot by Brandon


BTS of Abby shot by Ashley


Chavi shot by Brandon


Brandon shot by friends



First three clips shot by Paige

Bottom two shot by Brandon



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Clips of Seven shot by Cybelle


Jackie shot by Brandon



Mica shot by Brandon


First clip by Paige

Second clip of Paige by Cybelle